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A comprehensive listing of hypoallergenic hotel rooms and staterooms. Edited and analyzed by a Board Certified Allergist.

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Unbiased Hotel Ratings
An experienced, independent, Board Certified, allergy and asthma specialist analyzes and rates hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins. Objective ratings are used to provide the traveler with information to help avoid their allergic triggers. We are not affiliated with nor sponsored by any travel or pharmaceutical corporation or organization. more

Get a great nights rest
Helping You Sleep Easy
AllerPassMD℠ ratings can be used to determine the best room choice for your particular allergy needs. Trigger avoidance is one of the fundamental principles of managing asthma and allergy. Allergists are the most experienced and best qualified specialists in managing allergic diseases. When properly implemented, allergist recommended environmental modifications improve quality of life of allergic and asthmatic individuals. AllerPassMD℠ is your Suitcase Allergist. Our mission is to help you find a hotel room where you can sleep easy and enjoy a healthy vacation or business trip. more

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